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Alala Productions is committed to transforming your special memories to the screen in an insightful, meaningful and professional way. 


Before filming, we'll begin with a pre-interview to trace the best narrative course for your personal Forevermore™ video story. This can be conducted in person with clients in the Triangle region of North Carolina, or through a video conference if preferred. Establishing a narrative outline ahead of time ensures we don't leave out any key aspects of the stories we'll highlight, and helps you prepare your thoughts for the main interview. We'll craft a written outline based on what we cover in the pre-interview, and revise it together with you to make sure we set down the right path towards recording your special memories. 

On the day of filming, we'll bring cameras, microphones, and lighting equipment to the location of your choice. We'll set up to compose an aesthetic image that reflects your personality and in which you feel comfortable sharing your feelings and thoughts freely. We'll then progress through the material we outlined together in the pre-interview. Telling your stories for the first time to a fresh face helps you reframe your thoughts in a new way, and we'll spotlight key elements by asking insightful questions to draw out the details that make you and your memories unique. While at the site of your choosing, we'll also gather b-roll to capture a slice of your daily life and get a sense of your environment. Provide us with up to 20 photographs of other memorabilia, such as records, awards, certificates or maps. We can either record these on the day of the interview, you can send them to us digitally, or we can take your items to digitally scan them for you and return them to you at a later date.

Once filming is complete, we'll embark on the post-production process, in which we'll edit the recorded footage into a cohesive narrative by removing our questions and sorting through material, and adding b-roll, a soundtrack and text. You will have up to three revision opportunities to provide us with feedback on the progression of your video story to ensure we're capturing your story the way you want it to be memorialized for you and your loved ones.


You'll receive the completed product as a digital file on a USB drive.

Payment: A $ 500 deposit is due when the interview date is scheduled, half of the remaining payment is due on the day of the interview, final payment is due when video is completed. We accept checks, PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle.

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