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 A L A L A 




            A video production company
      passionate about telling your story   

Founded in 2021, Alala Productions is committed to high-quality visual storytelling. After over thirty years of combined media experience in film, photography, and journalism, we've created work for a diverse range of clients and organizations, from Porsche and IBM to political outlets and peace-building NGOs. Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Alala Productions now focuses on video production that gets your message and ideas across in a meaningful and concise way. Together we produce content that ranges from shorts under a minute to feature-length videos, and have created music videos, commercials, long-form interviews, and have covered events such as awards ceremonies and memorial services.


Your professionally produced and edited Business Profile Video will highlight the strengths of your business. Maximize your profit potential and social media footprint by engaging your customers in a more personal way.


Your preparation and talent intersect with our digital skills for an honest presentation of your artistic expression. Reach more fans by working with us to bring your music, poetry, or other art to life through the medium of video.

Forevermore™ is our oral heritage video package. Each of us has a unique story to tell about our lives. Let us document yours for your family, friends, and future generations with a highly professional digital video legacy that can be treasured forevermore. 

   We're committed to engaging, lively, and honest nonfiction storytelling through film. We care deeply about ethics, trust, and can do a variety of documentary film styles, such as talking heads, vérité, or found footage. 

We'll capture your special day with a wedding video that'll preserve not only the ceremony itself, but the atmosphere, your loved ones, and the setting.

Dakota Stokes 
Co Founder
Director / Cinematographer / Editor

Dakota is a filmmaker and multimedia artist. After working throughout Europe and Asia in both visual and narrative storying-telling, she now focuses on video production. She is passionate about finding and highlighting the truths in the human experience and translating them to the screen.  

   Meet the Team
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Todd McPhail 
Co Founder 
Producer / Cinematogrpaher

Todd's experience in photography and production spans 25 years. He has worked all over the US, and for several years focused on fashion photography in Italy, France, Germany, and elsewhere in Europe. His production experience includes clients such as Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Bild-Zeitung, and IBM. 

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